BNT Force Biodegradable Polymers Private Limited is a part of the BNT Group of Companies, known for excellence in the Textile and Garment Manufacturing Industry for the past 25 years.

BNT Force is the outcome of our Chairman's vision for a "Green Earth" free from the harmful effects of Plastic Waste.

Our foray into the field of Plastic Waste Management began with our invention of a Biodegradable Additive which when added to the polymer profile of plastic products made from Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Polystyrene, render them "BIODEGRADABLE" on burial in soil/earth or landfill that is damp/moist.

The plastic product, such as Carrier Bags, when buried are consumed by Bacteria in the Soil and are mineralized to earth after a period of time, approximately 6 to 36 months from burial.

We have found, on the basis of a Series of Tests conducted according to International Standards, that the buriedplastic waste leaves behind soil that is healthy, rich in nutrients and maintaining its natural pH values.

We take pleasure in introducing the BNT Force Biodegradable Additive in greater detail with the following information.